Common Spin Coating Applications

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Spin coating is one of the fastest-growing coating solutions available on the market today. One of the reasons why this technique is growing is because of the applications that it is becoming available for. Spin coating offers a unique set of advantages to your machinery and equipment, and in today’s blog post Coating Systems will take a look at some of the most common applications of the spin coating technique.

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What is Spin Coating?

Spin coating is among the most common coating techniques available today, and is often used to apply thin films to surfaces. There are several advantages of using this technique, most notably the speed and ease of creating films for surfaces through spinning techniques. This is also a versatile technique, giving users a variety of options for the thickness of the coating. Essentially, this technique applies a thin film to a surface by coating the surface and spinning it at a high-speed, flinging most of the coating to the side, creating the thin film.  

What are the Best Applications?

As noted, spin techniques are among the most common in the coating industry today because these coatings are versatile and can be used in many different types of applications. Spin coating can be used on surfaces as small as a few millimeters or as large as a few yards, depending on the equipment available. Some specific applications that this technique is used for include synthetic metals, nanomaterials, insulators, and semiconductors.

What is the Best Method?

Finding out if your surface would benefit from spin coating is just the first step. Once you make that determination, determining the best method is the next step. Best methods vary between specific applications, but there are a variety of methods to choose from. Spin speed and coating thickness are the two biggest methodological decisions you will make before coating, and there are any number of combinations that can be utilized. Another important method utilizes automated dispensing, which can make your coating more precise and save valuable production time.

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