Here’s Why Quad Seals Are Important

Several rubber seals

For industrial machinery and other industrial applications, sealing is among the most important aspects of your day-to-day operations. One of the most destructive things you can do to industrial machinery and tools is failing to seal them and allow liquid and debris to penetrate the seal. Without proper sealing, your machinery will wear faster and even sustain damage. Today, Coating Systems is going to look at why quad seals are so important for your industrial machinery, tools, and applications.

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What Are Quad Seals?

O-rings are arguably the most common sealing devices on the market, but if you are looking for an alternative to o-rings, quad seals are a great option to consider. What sets quad seals apart from o-rings is the multiple point seal contact design. This means that a quad seal has a cross-like seal surface as opposed to the circular seal surface of an o-ring.
O-rings are the most common option because they are easier to find and oftentimes cheaper. Essentially, an o-ring is the standard seal for industrial machinery. However, that doesn’t always make o-rings a better option.

Why Are They Important?

While o-rings have their benefits, quad seals offer a variety of different advantages to your industrial machinery. Because of their cross design, quad seals offer multiple point seal contact design that can give greater seal protection. That design is what makes quad seals so important: They offer lower friction while also offering a larger sealing surface.
Similarly, because the quad seal offers multi-point contact, they tend to have a longer life because of the reduced squeeze on the seal.

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Sealing is a vital function for your industrial machinery, regardless of whether you choose o-rings or quad seals. For more information on the sealing options offered at Coating Systems, give us a call at (800) 593-7754 or contact us online today.