Are There Differences Between Rubber Gasket Coatings and Gasket Sealers?

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Rubber gaskets and seals are crucial to the functionality of your industrial machinery. However, gaskets only work when they are maintained correctly. There are a lot of things that you must do with your rubber gaskets to keep them functioning properly for long periods of time.

Arguably, the most important thing your gaskets need is rubber gasket coating. However, they also need sealant. But is a sealant the same as a rubber gasket coating, or is it at least comparable? Today, Coating Systems takes a look at this question.

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What is Gasket Sealant?

Most rubber gaskets are used to seal a piece of machinery or aid in the sealing process. While most gaskets don’t require gasket sealant, it is still a common tool used to allow for a better placement when fitting onto the application. This kind of sealant also protects against any slippage once the gasket is finally fit. A stable gasket will protect your machinery against any leaks and debris.
It’s important to know what kind of gasket you are using because you might not actually need gasket sealant. If you have a solid gasket that is pre-fitted to your machine or product, you won’t need sealant.

Is Gasket Sealant the Same as Rubber Gasket Coating?

This might seem like an obvious question, but there are important similarities and differences between rubber gasket coating and sealant. While rubber gasket coating and sealants offer similar benefits and functions, they are not the same and cannot be interchanged. Rubber gasket coatings are used to help the gasket seal against debris in a particular application, but sealants are used specifically to seal the gasket itself.

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That is a very important distinction. On a different note, while these two tools serve similar functions, they are very different materials. Gasket sealant is thicker and will dry more severely, while rubber gasket coating resists drying and keeps the gasket functioning optimally.

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