Equipment on an Oil Rig That Needs Anti-Corrosion and Petroleum-Resistant Coatings

Oil Rig at Dusk

Oil and natural gas are a major part of the average person’s daily routine. We use items every day that require natural gas and oil, including deodorant, lipstick, asphalt for roads, wax, and even electricity. 

However, what really goes into the process of sourcing the oil and gas used in these products? What makes up the machines used to source oil and gas? That’s an excellent question. 

In today’s blog, experts from Coating Systems will discuss oil rigs, but specifically how a company like Coating Systems is so key in the building of these rigs.

The Purpose of Oil Rigs

Oil rigs are platforms that exist offshore in a remote area of the ocean. They drill deep under the ocean to tap into the petroleum reserves under the surface.

These platforms conceal major wells that bore deep within the bottom of the ocean floor into the rock beds underneath where the rig can extract, store, and process found petroleum and natural gases.  

Often facilities for accommodating workers that maintain oil rigs are built within the platforms themselves.

Anti-Corrosion & Petroleum-Resistant Coatings

What makes daily operations possible on a rig is a small, but vital, detail that occurred in the planning process for building them. That detail is an anti-corrosion, petroleum-resistant coating on specific parts within the rig itself. 

The parts within an oil rig/platform that would require anti-corrosion and petroleum-resistant coatings would be:

  • Drills
  • Wellheads
  • Subsea equipment
  • Gas field equipment


Most oil rigs are offshore and exist in some of the most extreme weather conditions metal can withstand. Saltwater is also corrosive over time.

This means rigs need to last long periods of time without maintenance. Resistance to saltwater corrosion, fire, and UV sun exposure must be factored into the creation and coating of all rig parts. 

It is also worth noting that the conditions of the deck for all oil rigs must be accommodating for personnel that do go to maintain them. 

This includes non-skid coating on the deck itself, bright highly visible colors that are potentially reflective, and potentially a separate fire and heat resistant coating. 

Coating Systems & Anti-Corrosion/Oil-Resistant Coating

Here at Coating Systems, we specialize in providing coatings for the petroleum industry to our clients. 

If you’re interested in utilizing our process to coat parts for your next platform installation, we’d love to make contact with you. 

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