How to Measure for Rubber Grommets Properly

A single rubber grommet
Rubber grommets are ideal sealing solutions in several industries, including the automotive industry, wire and cable protection, and heavy machinery. But when you’re shopping for them, how can you ensure that you’re getting the right fit? Accurately determining the best size for the job depends on your specific application or machine. And since rubber grommets are manufactured in a variety of diameters and thicknesses, measuring correctly and choosing the right size for the job can be a challenging endeavor.  Fortunately, we’re here to help. Follow the steps below to measure for rubber grommets properly. Related Post: What Size Rubber Grommet Is the Best?

Determine What Type of Grommet You Need

There are many different types of rubber grommets, including open grommets, sleeved grommets, handle grips, and more. Depending on the industry and application you’re shopping for, the type of grommet you need will vary. Make sure you know which type you need before you start measuring.

Use the Correct Tools to Measure

Grommet dimensions are usually measured in thousands of inches, which is three decimal places after zero. You’ll need to use very precise tools to get accurate measurements for your application. You can use a caliper to get most dimensions for your grommet, but you’ll also need pin gauges to get accurate inside diameter (ID) and hole size measurements.  Rubber grommets are not always circular either, which can make them difficult to measure. Sometimes they are squares, ovals, or squared circles, depending on the shape they are molded to fit. However, having the right tools will help.

Grommet Measuring: Two Methods

Method #1: Measure the Panel  One great way to determine the thickness and diameter of the grommet you need is to measure the panel.  You can do this by measuring the:
  • Thickness of the panel
  • Size of the hole where the grommet will be applied
  • Size of the object that will pass through the hole.
Method #2: Measure the Grommet To measure the grommet itself, you’ll need to use the tools discussed above to get the dimensions. Measure for:
  • Panel thickness
  • Grommet thickness
  • Panel hole diameter
  • Inside diameter (the hole)
  • Outside diameter (the outer circle).
When you go to purchase your grommet, it’s also helpful to remember that sizes for grommets are usually listed as the measurement of the hole (called the inside diameter).  Related Post: What Are The Advantages Of Rubber Grommets?

Coating Systems Is Here to Help!

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