Industries That Use Powder Coating to Protect Surfaces

Machinery coating in powder coating

Powder coating offers a high-quality, durable finish made from resins, pigments, and other fillers. The dry coating is usually applied to a grounded metal and then heated in a curing oven. The coating is becoming increasingly popular and used in a wide range of applications. Coating Systems serves many industries, and there are powder coating applications that are common to each one.


Powder coating is applied to farm equipment that sees heavy use to promote its durability against long-term wear and tear. The dry coating is applied to anything from large pieces of equipment like tractors and plows to smaller everyday tools such as tillers and shovels. The coating can also act as a coat of paint that only has to be applied once, giving a uniform appearance to all equipment used across the farm.

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Coating Systems provides powder coating services to engine components, vehicle frames, and manufacturing equipment. Coatings in the automotive industry have to be both durable and heat-resistant in order to function properly in the conditions found in an engine. The coating can prolong the lifespan of a vehicle and the equipment that manufactures it.

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Powder coating is often applied to any steel parts that are exposed to heat, cold, UV rays, and corrosive environments. The dry coating also lasts much longer than traditional wet paint and only requires one application. It is especially effective in commercial buildings that see frequent contact with the public. Additionally, powder coating is environmentally friendly, which has become a popular trend in architecture.


Coating Systems can increase internal productivity, reduce machinery downtime, and extend the lifespan of your industrial equipment. With over 40 years of experience, we can determine which coating works best for your machinery. While there are many possible coating applications for fabrication equipment, powder coating can withstand high heat and heavy use frequently found in manufacturing.

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