Industries, Uses & Applications for PTFE

Nuts and Bolts With PTFE

PTFE Coating has a number of very useful properties. Also called Teflon, the coating makes equipment more durable in extreme conditions. Coating Systems applies PTFE to your o-rings. The coating can color-code your o-rings, allow your industrial processes to run longer with fewer breakdowns, and enhance durability on the o-rings that see constant wear and contact. However, there are various other industries and use cases for the coating.

How Does PTFE Coating Work and What Uses Does it Have?

PTFE coating has a unique chemical composition that provides non-stick and non-friction properties, as well as being resistant to water. The coating is applied either as a powder or a liquid and is either applied with a spray gun to electrostatically bond the powder or small objects are dipped in a liquid and then spun to remove the excess. After either application, the coating is cured at high temperatures.

The coating can be found in a wide variety of industries but is most commonly used in wiring due to its insulating properties. However, it can also be found in industrial equipment where there is high friction, in medical equipment to improve resistance to corrosive chemicals, and inside fuel tanks.

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PTFE Coating in the Food Industry

Despite PTFE coating’s prevalence in many different industries, it is most commonly associated with cookware due to the popularity of Teflon. The non-stick properties of PTFE are perfect for cooking, and the coating is resistant to high temperatures. While pans are most commonly associated with Teflon coating, they can also be found in appliances like coffee makers, microwave ovens, and blenders.

PTFE Coating in the Automotive Industry

PTFE coating is ideal for the high temperatures and conditions found in an automobile. Due to its resistance to corrosive chemicals, it can also withstand the many fluids needed to run a vehicle. O-Rings coated in PTFE can also improve the various seals found within a car and help it to last longer through wear and use.

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Coating Systems Offers PTFE Coating Services

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