Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Choose Kynar for Coating

Group of lithium ion batteries

Kynar has become a major feature in lithium-ion batteries across the world. PVDF resins have proven to be highly stable binder resins. Kynar is an ideal coating for lithium-ion batteries because it was designed for extreme environments. Today, Coating Systems will discuss exactly what it is that makes this incredible polymer the ideal application for Li-ion batteries.

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Not All Resins Have Equal Performance

For decades, PVDF resins have proven to be the best choice for highly stable binder resins, especially in the case of battery cathodes. First, PVDF resins have a long history of excellent performance under the most extreme conditions. In addition, Arkema designed characteristic emulsion polymerization processes that create particles with a very high surface area, which translates to quicker dissolution and faster processing for manufacturers.

Electrode Binder Performance

With high adhesion at lower loading levels, Kynar’s HSV line enables higher energy densities due to the increased active material content. In addition, the Kynar HSV series binders also show low swelling levels in common solvents and electrolytes. Binder swelling in Li-ion batteries can have serious consequences. As such, Kynar makes an excellent binder for a manufacturer’s peace of mind.

After exposure to electrolytes, certain binders display decreased performance. With the many mechanical stresses to binders that occur within batteries, it is important to choose a coating application that maintains adhesions without cracking. Kynar outperforms the rest of the market in this regard.

The combination of fast dissolution, easy processing, high adhesion, low binder swelling, and high voltage stability makes the Kynar HSV series the ideal resin for Li-ion electrode binders.

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Separator Coating

With larger and larger pouch cells becoming standard in high power Li-ion batteries, high-performance separator coating is necessary to improve battery abuse tolerance. The Kynar LBG series was designed with these needs in mind. Separator coatings with this line of PVDF resin not only increase the mechanical property and thermal stability of the separator of the battery, but they also hinder dendrite growth. With high adhesion to electrodes, high dimension stability, compatibility with nano-ceramics, and high voltage stability, the LBG series is ideal for high-performance batteries such as those found in electric vehicles.

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