Recommendations for Proper O-Ring Storage From Coating Systems

o-rings arranged for storage according to advice from Coating Systems

Coating Systems has been in the business of dry film lubricants and industrial coatings for over 40 years. We have helped all manner of industries extend the lives of their most important machinery and processes by providing them with dry film lubricant-coated static and dynamic seals. Our dry films and coatings, from such trusted companies as Kluber, Henkel, McLube, and others, include Emralon-TM001 and more. These coatings provide additional heat resistance, chemical resistance, or all-around durability to your o-rings so that your machinery will run longer.
But coatings and lubricants from Coating Systems are not the only ways to ensure the longest lifespans for your o-rings. Because you typically purchase o-rings in large quantities, some of them may sit for days, weeks, or months unused. In the wrong environments, your o-rings may weaken without your even putting them to use. This ultimately yields a shorter lifespan once you install them, or you may even experience ripping and tearing as you install them. A proper coating can do a lot to improve the lifespan of your o-rings, but improper storage can significantly and negatively affect them.

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Here, Coating Systems discusses some things that may compromise the life of your o-rings in storage.

Exposure to Sunlight

Direct or intensely reflected sunlight will damage your rubber products over time, due to their being affected by UV radiation. There are simple ways to avoid this where you store your o-rings: either store them in a windowless room or make sure they are stored in a sealed container that allows in no light whatsoever.

Exposure to Ozone

Ozone is highly reactive because of the instability (and thus reactivity) of its molecular structure. O-rings stored near anything which may produce o-zone will experience a decreased lifespan as the ozone causes them to deteriorate faster than regular air.

Improper Storage Temperature

O-rings stored in excessively cold or excessively warm environments will experience compromised lifespans. A good general rule we abide by at Coating Systems is to store them at temperatures above 60 and 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

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Improper Storage Humidity

Humidity should be a concern as well, as moist environments are likely to invite mold and other compromising agents. What’s worse is that mold can attract insects, which can also give you troubles. A good humidity range for storing your o-rings is between 40-70%. But this depends largely on the type of seal you’re storing, so be sure to check the recommendations for storing your material.

Coating Systems Extends the Lifespan of Your O-Rings

Having a proper coating on your o-rings can also help to extend their lifespans while also giving them improved performance. With over 40 years in the business of providing superior coating solutions, Coating Systems has the tools, skills, and experience to offer you the absolute best for your static and dynamic seals. Call us today to learn how we can help your business.