Rilsan: What Sets This Coating Apart

medical tubing made from Rilsan coating

Rilsan is considered a bio-based coating because it is derived from the beans of the castor plant. It is produced by Arkema, a manufacturer of all manner of polymers. Alongside Rilsan, Arkema also produces Kynar and Pebax, two highly-demanded polymers known for their performance, durability, and more.

Rilsan is a nylon coating. Nylon coatings are able to adhere to a great many surfaces. This includes metals like steel, aluminum, copper, thermoplastics, fabrics, and more. Because of its broad applicability to so many substrates, Rilsan is a versatile coating that is important to the medical, automotive, electronics, and energy industries.

Coating Systems is proud to use this wonderful coating from Arkema to help our clients in these industries achieve the best performance from their processes and machinery. Here we look at some of the properties that make Rilsan so versatile and discuss some of its primary uses.

Chemical Resistance

While Rilsan can come in a few varieties, it is typically preferred for its resistance to harsh chemicals. This resistance is part of what has made it so crucial for the automotive industry and undersea pipelines. The substances which move through those systems need to maintain their purity, and Rilsan’s resistance to corrosion allows for those systems to perform better for longer, but it also disallows for corrosion which may lead to impurities in an undersea line or a fuel line.

Impact Resistance

Rilsan PA-11, a variety of Rilsan, has remarkable impact resistance. In fact, its resistance is nearly double that of its nearest peers, Rilsan PA-12 and PC. This ability to withstand impact is another part of what makes its use in undersea processes so vital. It is both flexible and tough, making it ideal for these kinds of applications. These same properties make it very useful for the manufacture of medical tubing. Medical tubing can perform many functions which require that whatever passes through it remains unadulterated. And in the hospital environment, it is easy for tubing to become crushed, bent, or otherwise strained. The variety of Rilsan most useful for this industry is the Rilsan Clear g-170 MED, which has the added benefit of great transparency.

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Rilsan Coating at Coating Systems

With over 40 years of experience in the business of providing industrial coatings, Coating Systems, Inc. has learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve made partnerships with companies like Arkema who produce the best coatings for our customers’ needs. And because Arkema’s Rilsan nylon coatings are derived from castor oil, its production is relatively environmentally friendly, made from renewable resources. If you’re experiencing poor performance life with your equipment, let Coating Systems help. We offer surface coating, powder coating, dry film lubricants, and we even consider custom applications to ensure that you have the best performing coating for you. Reach us at 1-800-593-7754 to get started today.