Rilsan for Optics

Rilsan Optics

In previous Coating Systems blogs, we’ve touted the different uses for Rilsan and the different industries that it can be applied to. The optics and eyewear industry is another use case for this superior and versatile resin. Why is it that Rilsan is a consistent choice for optic manufacturers everywhere? Today in the Coating Systems, Inc. blog we’ll delve deeper into why this solution is the correct choice for the optic and eyewear industry.

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What Exactly is Rilsan?

Although we often speak about the benefits of Rilsan, it’s good to have a reminder of exactly what it is and what it does. Simply put, it’s high-performance polyamide. Some of its signature qualities are toughness, high resistance to chemicals, high resistance to permeance, and high flexibility. The combination of these traits makes it an incredible solution for many industries including, but not limited to, the automotive, gas distribution, and optic industries. The wide range of applications and high-quality are just a couple of the reasons that Coating Systems supplies this incredible coating solution. Let’s focus on why it’s particularly great for optics.

Why Should it be Applied to Optic Products?

Rilsan is an ideal coating for eyeglasses, goggle frames, and lenses. The properties of Rilsan give it a lot of advantages. The first of which is its high transparency. Obviously, optics need to be clear and transparent as possible to allow for unfettered vision.  Another huge benefit is how lightweight it is. The best thing about its lightweight properties is the fact that it’s light, but still extremely strong and resilient. Finally, these resins are BPA- and BPS-free. This means that your optic products will be more environmentally friendly since they’re biobased up to 95%. The combination of transparency, flexibility, resilience, and lightness make Rilsan the ideal solution for all of your optic products.

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