What Is Rilsan and Why Is It Used?

Rilsan Coated Bolts

Rilsan is a tough chemical and corrosion-resistant powder used in an array of everyday products. It’s commonly used to extend the life and durability of metals, offering protection in a variety of situations. The fact that Rilsan can be easily manipulated into a variety of granule sizes and shapes adds to its many uses. We look at Rilsan and why it’s used.

Water Treatment

Rilsan has been used in water treatment plants since the 1960s. The protection against both chemicals and corrosion makes it invaluable for the metal machinery used in the water treatment industry. The powder not only protects the material, moving parts, and machinery, but it also helps to preserve water quality.

Industrial Coating

When you consider the abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and relatively low density of the powder, this is the perfect additive for the industrial coatings industry. Commonly used in areas such as coil coating, floor coating, and many different plastic coating processes, the powder can be manipulated into different sized and different shaped granules. This creates varied textures when mixed with other substances.

Laser Printing

The laser printing industry has grown enormously over the last few years, and polyamides such as Rilsan offer the perfect characteristics to maximize this technology. The thermal properties, toughness, and impact resistance of these fine particles have a number of benefits over other polyamides. This is an area that will only grow in importance and Rilsan is likely to be an ever-present element.

Did you know Rilsan is eco-friendly?  It’s made from castor beans!

Everyday Use

Take a few minutes to look around your environment. Rilsan is all around you. Some common places it can be found include:

  • Sliding Door Rails
  • Automobile Interiors
  • Tubing
  • Wire Coating
  • Bra Wires
  • Electrical Equipment

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