Rubber Gasket Coating: How Does It Work?

Rubber gaskets

If you have rubber gaskets, you need for rubber gasket coating. Not coating your gaskets properly will leave them vulnerable to corroding and breaking, which will also hurt the efficiency of your machinery. Needless to say, the proper rubber gasket coating is key to keeping your machinery operating smoothing and effectively.
Since 1975, Coating Systems has been one of the leading industrial coating providers and we are experts in the field of rubber gasket coating. In today’s blog post, we’ll explain how rubber gasket coating works and why it’s important.

What Is Rubber Gasket Coating?

As most who deal with industrial machinery know, the wear that a machine endures over the course of its life can be heavy, especially if that machine is subject to high-volume workloads. Rubber gaskets are a major factor in keeping your machinery running smoothly and efficiently. However, the gaskets themselves won’t function well without protection of their own.
That’s where gasket coating comes into play. There are a variety of different gasket coatings, both liquid and powder, that work to keep gaskets lubricated and healthy.

How Does Gasket Coating Work?

Ultimately, this question will depend on the machinery you use your gaskets for and the type of gaskets you use. Some gaskets perform better with one dry film lubricant while others perform best with another. There are also coatings that offer different functions. For example, some coatings have anti-stick properties that not all machines will need.

In the actual application of the coating, the type of machinery makes all the difference. In most cases, a coating will be applied either by spraying, dipping, brushing, or rolling. However, depending on the type of gasket, the coating will be applied before the gasket is on the machinery. In other cases, the coating will be applied before the gasket is even cut.

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Why Does Application Matter?

The best way to make rubber gasket coating ineffective is to improperly apply the coating to the gasket or to use the wrong type of coating. The application process is crucial to the success of  the gasket and the machine itself. And when applied incorrectly, it can cost your business time and money.

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