Kynar: Uses in Construction

Metal Roofing

Kynar has many uses due to its incredible benefits and properties. We’ve discussed various industries that use Kynar in previous blogs. Today, we’ll be covering why this coating is particularly useful in the construction industry and how it has been applied.

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Properties of Kynar

To get a better understanding of the usefulness of Kynar in the construction industry, let’s briefly go over some of the more prominent properties. The properties of this coating include, but are not limited to:

  • Resistance to sunlight and UV rays
  • Resistance to radiation
  • Easily processed for welding and fabrication
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance.

These are just a few of the properties that make Kynar such a valuable coating. Let’s take a deeper dive into why it’s used in the construction industry.

Uses for Kynar in the Construction Industry

Kynar can be used in a variety of construction applications, but it has found its niche in sustainable methods of construction. Examples include:

Metal Roofing

Coating metal roofing materials with Kynar helps to greatly reduce how much energy a building or home consumes. Studies have shown that metal roofing with this coating can save homes up to 40% in energy consumption. The solar resistant capabilities, as well as the durability of Kynar, help to make it the best choice for metal roofing. It also is able to be applied without affecting the aesthetics of the roofing.

This also has an additional benefit, other than saving you energy — it gives a building points toward becoming LEED-certified. LEED is a certification program set up by the US Green Building Council. It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. If one of your goals for a building is to become LEED-certified, Kynar coated metal roofing can certainly help to do it.

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Metal Siding, Windows, and More

Metal roofing is certainly the primary use of Kynar in construction, but it can also be applied to metal siding to help reap similar benefits. It can also be used on the aluminum profiles of windows and doors to protect them. For more information about how Kynar can be applied in the construction industry, consult with your Coating Systems, Inc. representative.

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