Coating Systems Explains MOLYKOTE®

Machine parts receive molykote

If you are just beginning to research your coating options, you have likely come across MOLYKOTE® coatings. But what is this type of coating and what kinds of benefits does it offer? In this blog, we’ll provide you with some answers so you can come to a decision in regards to your coating needs.

MOLYKOTE® Coatings: Definition

MOLYKOTE® coatings are anti-friction, lubricating paint-like products that optimize friction by softening the roughness of surfaces. They contain tiny particles of solid lubricants that are distributed through resin blends and solvents.
This optimizes friction between materials such as metals and plastics, even in extreme working conditions. These coatings are most often utilized for their intense protective qualities and advanced lubrication.
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MOLYKOTE® coatings are very advantageous for a number of different products and parts that may be used in just about every industry. The benefits of this type of coating include the following:
Lasting Protection
MOLYKOTE® coatings can be used to protect parts that aren’t typically maintained very often. These parts are typically neglected because they are not easily accessed. With MOLYKOTE® coatings, you can make sure they continue to function at top performance. Additionally, dusty, humid and dirty environments can prove to be very damaging to product parts. This type of coating provides advanced lubrication so your parts perform better for a longer period of time.
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MOLYKOTE® coatings are also extremely durable. They can be easily applied and cured to a dry film, but that ease of application is not reflected in poor performance. In fact, these coatings boast very high performance and durability by protecting parts from oxidation or evaporation. These coatings are also resistant to corrosion and rust.
Dry and Clean Lubrication
MOLYKOTE® coatings also provide a very dry, clean lubrication. As a result, these coatings do not attract or collect moisture, dust or dirt. This makes them a solid choice for automotive parts and many other products in various conditions.
All of these benefits work together to reduce maintenance and replacement costs of product parts, saving you both time and money, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Learn More About MOLYKOTE® Coatings

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