What Are the Benefits of MOLYKOTE® Coatings?

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MOLYKOTE® coatings are among the best anti-friction coatings in the industry, providing anti-friction and lubricating qualities through paint-like products. These products are designed to solve your lubrication problems without breaking the bank or costing you money through wasted energy. MOLYKOTE® coatings offer a variety of different benefits for many applications. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will take a look at those benefits.

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MOLYKOTE® coatings are arguably the most durable anti-friction coatings on the market today. They are easy to apply without losing performance qualities. Not only is the coating itself durable, but it will help your machinery and parts become more durable. These coatings are used to protect parts from friction, helping to save energy and prevent long-term damage. These qualities will keep your machinery operating at a high level for years to come and prevent your business from wasting money on costly repairs and maintenance.


At the end of the day, lubrication is arguably the most important quality of a coating for high-friction applications. Friction is among the leading causes of corrosion and normal wear and tear in many applications, including rotary and pressure applications. MOLYKOTE® provides a dry and clean lubrication option for machinery and parts, preventing repair and maintenance costs. Because the coating is a dry and clean coating, it also doesn’t collect moisture, dust, dirt, or other types of damaging debris.

Damage Prevention

Ultimately, MOLYKOTE® coatings are used to prevent damage. Not only are high-friction applications more vulnerable to costly maintenance, but they are also more vulnerable to damage and repairs. Friction without lubrication will cause your parts to operate at a less-than-optimal level, which will, in turn, cause your machinery to operate at a less-than-optimal level. When your machinery isn’t operating at the highest level of performance, it is more vulnerable to failures that lead to major damage and costly repairs. MOLYKOTE® coatings work to prevent those costly damages.

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