Xylan and Three Common Types of Wear

uncoated machine parts with wear and staining

Three Types of Wear and how Xylan Can Help

Industrial machinery which performs tasks repeatedly over long periods of time are prone to wear and breakdown. This is so common, and understanding how industrial material interact is so important, that a field of study, called tribology, is dedicated to it. Tribology recognizes six common types of wear, which include adhesive wear, abrasive wear, surface fatigue, fretting wear, erosive wear, and corrosion and oxidation wear.

While there are more kinds of wear (such as impact, diffusive, and corrosive) these are simply some common ones to be aware of if you are someone working closely with these kinds of machines. It is also important to note that these types of wear do not necessarily occur in isolation. It is common for a machine or machine part to experience multiple types of wear at once, depending on the conditions.
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With 40 years of experience in providing industrial coating solutions, Coating Systems is very familiar with industrial wear. We also know what dry film lubricants will work best for certain surfaces. For information on three of these common types of wear and what a coating, Xylan, can do to reduce wear, read on.

Adhesive Wear

Adhesive wear occurs when surfaces which come into contact and produce friction begin to produce debris from the wear. This debris is a result of the “asperities” on each surface (if the surfaces are metal), which are the microscopic rough edges on the surface of what may appear to the eye as smooth metal. The dry film lubricant Xylan works by filling in those asperities and creating a smoother metal surface, yielding less friction, less debris, and less wear.
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Abrasive Wear

Abrasive wear results from harder surfaces coming into contact with softer ones. This wear is similar to adhesive wear, except rather than both surfaces losing material, the softer material is “plowed” over by the more rigid surface. Xylan is considered an anti-abrasion dry film lubricant, so it is intended to keep abrasive wear to a minimum, increasing the overall lifespan of whatever surfaces come into contact.

Surface Fatigue

Surface Fatigue refers to the cracks that occur on the surface of a material from cyclic loading. By evening out the asperities on a surface, Xylan allows for pressure over the surface to be more evenly distributed, thus reducing wear over time.

Xylan Dry Film Lubricant from Coating Systems, Inc.

If you’re noticing that your machines are experiencing more wear, even breaking down more frequently than they should, then it could be time to consider dry film lubricants such as Xylan. If you have questions about the process or you’re ready to let Coating Systems work for you, give us a call! We look forward to providing your coating solutions.