Industries that Commonly Use Xylan

Coating Xylan Auto Parts Industry

In today’s blog post, we will explore several industries that commonly utilize Xylan. Xylan has excellent temperature tolerances, it is low-friction and wear resistant, it has excellent non-stick and releases properties, and it is FDA compliant for food-grade equipment coating applications. There are many industries that benefit from the impressive specifications of Xylan coating materials, but today we will focus on three major industries: Automotive, Food Production, and Medical – Pharmaceutical. Check out the Coating Systems, Inc. Brand Portfolio to see the many coating solutions available to you.

Xylan in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Xylan is an important part of the automotive industry. The uses for Xylan in the automotive industry are numerous. From O-rings to electro-mechanical devices, Xylan plays an important role in coating applications on automotive mechanical parts of all kinds. Xylan is also a critical part of automotive manufacturing systems, used for coating complicated molds for specialized parts manufacture. The impressive tolerance specifications of Xylan make it a perfect coating material for the high volume production necessities of the automotive industry.

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Xylan in the Food Production and Cookware Industry

The excellent product release specifications of Xylan make it an excellent coating for applications in food production and processing equipment. For demanding high-yield production and processing equipment, Xylan is ideal for improving performance and increasing product yield and quality while reducing turnaround time.

Xylan is FDA Compliant for coating applications in food-grade processing and production equipment. It is FDA Compliant to withstand high cooking temperatures at ranges up to 700-degrees, depending on the formulation. Xylan is ideal for high-temperature food-grade production that also requires durability, abrasion resistance, and high-release.
Xylan formulations can be applied to virtually any base substrate, so no matter what your equipment requirements may be, Xylan is an excellent option.

Xylan in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Xylan provides excellent coating factors necessary for the medical industry, including release properties, chemical protection, and excellent adhering quality for a variety of base substrates. Even when exacting geometric specifications are required for sensitive medical equipment, Xylan can be applied in formulated powders that accrete very little mass on the surface of base substrates, so geometric specifications are maintained.

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There are many Xylan formulations that are FDA compliant, so medical-grade and food-grade specifications for medical and pharmaceutical applications are maintained. Xylan is commonly utilized for coating solutions in surgical instruments, sterilization equipment, and medical analytical devices. Xylan FDA compliance is also important for pharmaceutical applications, such as pharmaceutical capsule and tablet milling, packaging equipment, and sampling probes.

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