5 Advantages of Industrial Powder Coating

Industrial Powder Coating Being Applied

Industrial powder coating helps several industries, from aerospace and petroleum to consumer products and automotive, needing to protect vital metal parts. The chemical components and oven curing allow for permanent bonding to the metal, creating a durable, protective outer layer. 

Discover five main advantages of industrial powder coating, no matter what industry or type of metal part requires it.

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1. Variety of Colors for Easy Identification

Not sure if you’re looking at an intake or outtake pipe? Need to differentiate between a metric or English unit wrench size? Industrial powder coating comes in a wide variety of colors, making it easy for you to tell what you’re looking at. 

2. Durability

Industrial powder coating finishes last a long time, and some can even resist UV light which can make colors fade over the years. Industrial powder coating can last up to 20 years in some cases. It largely depends on the environmental conditions the coating is exposed to.

Compared to ordinary paint, industrial powder coating provides stronger protection because it’s baked on and cured rather than sprayed on. Cleaning with water or cleansers leaves the color primarily intact with powders.

3. One and Done

Painting a metal part may require more applications later on. Industrial powder coating offers a one-and-done process that doesn’t need to be repeated at a later date. That saves your crew time and money because you don’t have to repaint the part.

4. Eco-Friendly Substances & Application 

Paints may contain VOCs harmful to the environment and your employees. Dry industrial powder coating doesn’t require harsh chemicals to adhere to parts. We use an electrostatic charge to attract the powders. Then each piece cures in an oven for a specified time and temperature. When the curing is done, parts are completely coated without one millimeter missed.

5. Money and Time Saving

Industrial powder coating saves your staff time and your company money in many ways. By helping equipment last longer, you don’t have to purchase new parts sooner. It also alleviates repainting and reapplying other types of coatings later, mitigating downtime. Industrial powder coating can also prevent catastrophic failures while allowing for regular maintenance schedules without expensive replacements due to worn surfaces.

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