5 Industrial Coatings Trends to Watch in 2023

New Year 2023

Industrial coatings continue to evolve as new technologies and innovations push the envelope of what these substances can do for your company’s assets and equipment. 

Let’s look at the state of the industrial coatings industry now as we start 2023.

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1. Self-Cleaning Coatings

There are two options here. Hydrophobic coatings make water bead up, thereby causing moisture to collect in specific places. Hydrophobic coatings also move water away to prevent corrosion. Look for these industrial coatings for paints, window glass, cement, and textiles.

Hydrophilic coatings clean surfaces by using photocatalysis. These coatings break down impurities when exposed to sunlight. Then you wash them away with water. 

Consider these types of coatings if you’re in construction, electronics, furniture, and automotive industries.  

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and industrial coatings? Do these two things coincide? Actually, yes. Specialized computer software can help coating companies optimize production schedules and product mixing for the best possible results. AI also allows companies to quickly duplicate trials and prototypes while analyzing possible defects and design flaws during the design phase. Smart systems can also use computer vision to spot errors and faults, allowing engineers to fix them quickly. Titrations, additions, and analyses are completed automatically using sensors and smart devices, saving companies time and money while improving product quality.

3. Data Analytics Gathering

A corollary to artificial intelligence is gathering data to improve the performance of our coatings. The key is to have robust platforms that collect millions of data points and parse them correctly to derive ways to enhance the coating process. AI allows companies to collect a wide variety of data, very quickly, and in an ever-increasing volume. When put into cloud-based databases, analytics programs can crunch numbers and give us astounding results.

As AI continues to evolve, this software will get less expensive, more robust, and deliver even more innovations in conjunction with machine learning. This will help our industry determine the lifespan of our products, develop new formulas, and provide synthesis data when placing new products on specific substrates.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability, along with “green” and eco-friendly industrial coatings, offers more than just a way to limit VOCs in our products. Coatings companies should aim to conserve energy, reduce waste, mitigate carbon footprints, use renewable materials when possible, and minimize waste. 

Another thing eco-friendly industrial coatings can do is diversify the products available for companies that need to protect their equipment. The best eco-friendly products can utilize as much as 99% of the product during application.

5. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology continues to make strides in our sector. Some techniques can insert metals and ceramics into paint matrices to create UV protection, electrical conduction, better adhesion, color changes, corrosion barriers, and self-cleaning properties.

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