The Benefit of Die Cut Seals

Die cut seals being used

When most people think about seals or gaskets, they may picture an o-ring. For years the o-ring was the standard gasket for sealing both static and dynamic machine parts. That has changed in recent years with the advent of lathe cut gaskets and die cut seals. Both of these newer production strategies for making sealants have had huge benefits for many industries. Today we will discuss some of the advantages of die cut seals.

Die Cut vs. Molded

Though few people refer to them as such, o-rings are really molded seals. This means that they are formed by placing raw material in specially designed molds. This is not always a cost-effective way of making a seal. New molds must be designed for every different size, and the design and construction of such molds can cost a lot of money. If you need to test multiple seal dimensions, molded seals can become extremely costly very quickly.

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At Coating Systems, we create die cut seals by first manufacturing a metal cutting die. A die is a like a mold but metal and fitted into a machine resembling a press. The rubber is placed beneath the die and cut into the exact shapes formed by the die. We can manufacture dies cheaper than molds, and we can create dies with multiple dimensions. Die cutting also creates square cross-surfaces

Die Cut vs. Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe cut gaskets are another cheaper and sturdier option for sealants. In some instances lathe cut gaskets can be more cost-effective than die cut seals, and here at Coating Systems, we make sure to look into which might benefit you.
Die cutting will be advantageous for you if you need cuts of multiple different shapes. Lathe cut gaskets are primarily for circular seals and gaskets, but die cutting allows for more unique shapes and for variety from one batch to another. Though the dies may cost more money to manufacture than the gaskets from lathe cutting, they can be used to create the shapes and sizes necessary for unique parts that might not be sealed properly by a circular seal.

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Order Die Cut Seals From Coating Systems

If you need die cut seals or any other forms of gaskets and sealants, then Coating Systems is the company for you. We have spent more than 40 years perfecting the art of creating and coating gaskets. We know the best coats to use, the best way to cut your seals, and the cheapest way to get you the high-quality products you need.