Die Cut Seals

Die cut seals at Coating Systems
At Coating Systems, we use our knowledge of industrial coating to improve and protect the machinery and products used by a variety of industries. We specialize in a variety of coating and sealing services, including dip-spin coating, o-ring coating, powder coating, and more. Our services also include coating die cut seals. Here, we discuss some of the applications and advantages of using die cuts.

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What Are Die Cut Seals?

Die cut seals are designed to seal between two different surfaces under compression. Die cutting is the process of taking a steel rule and cutting out custom parts and components, fit for the customer’s specific dimensional requirements. To create die cut seals, the manufacturer uses a cylindrical die on a rotary press. As the die rotates, a large sheet of material is fed into the press at the same speed as the rotation. This material could be plastic, vinyl, rubber, or a type of metal. Once the material is fed into the press, it connects with the die, causing it to crease, perforate, and cut out the custom shape that is needed.

What Material Should I Use?

Die cuts can be produced from a variety of materials. When you are choosing your material, there are several factors to take into consideration. First, you must consider the temperature of the area where you will place the seal. Second, consider if the seal will come into contact with any chemicals, fluids, or gases. Lastly, consider how much pressure the seal will be under. If it is under extreme pressure for long periods of time, consider a more robust material.

What Are the Advantages?

Die cut seals offer many advantages. In particular, they are incredibly cost effective. Produced on automated rotary equipment, they have low setup costs, allowing you to produce large volumes of seals without spending as much as you might on other types of sealing. If you need to make changes or revisions to your design, making changes would not cost as much as it would with other types of seals produced by another technique. For large volume projects, the die is certainly the way to go.

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