The Biggest Differences Between Powder Coating And Liquid Coating

Powder coating being applied

Not all coated, mechanical parts receive their plastic coatings in the same way. Some companies prefer powder coating while others prefer liquid coating. At Coating Systems, we offer everything from spin coating to powder coating, and we are the team to share the differences between powder and liquid coating. That way you can make a more informed decision next time you need any coated surfaces.

What Is Powder Coating?

Unlike a wet coat, a powder coat goes onto your product or piece of machinery dry. A chemical and electrostatic process allows the powder to adhere to the metal surface without the need for a solvent. A powder coating, before application, would not look like a traditional, wet paint. It literally looks like colored powder or dust that we spray with specialized equipment onto the surface needing the coating.
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After sandblasting the adhering surface, the metal on that surface becomes negatively charged. The powder, conversely, becomes positively charged as it leaves an electrostatic gun. This allows the powder to bond directly to the metal. The bond can survive extreme temperatures.

What Are the Big Differences Between Powder and Wet Coating?

  1. Powder coating only needs one coat to finish the process. When using a liquid coating, we may need to apply the coating multiple times. These extra layers are wasteful and can result in sagging or excess weight.
  2. Coating with powder allows a more even coating of all surfaces. Applying a wet coating, no matter how painstakingly and professionally done (aside from spin-coating o-rings), can result in an uneven coat.
  3. Any powder that fails to adhere is reusable on the next product. This is advantageous to Coating Systems. We do not need to manufacture as much of each coating. These savings we can pass on to you. It is also much better for the environment, producing far less waste than wet coats.
  4. Because powder coatings are far less toxic than wet paints. A typical powder coating is not carcinogenic or flammable. Compare that to wet coats, and you will see that an electrostatic coat of powder allows for not only safer application, here at the Coating Systems facility, but safer use on your machine at your facility.

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