Caliper Support Bushings

Molded Rubber that has been coated by Coating Systems
A bushing or rubber bushing is a small molded rubber piece that is designed to isolate vibrations in machinery. These are most often used in vehicle suspension and brake calipers. The support bushing separates the surface of two metal objects and allows a small amount of movement.
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Coating Systems helps these important little pieces to last much longer and under more stressful surfaces with a protective coating. As these little support bushings are subjected to extreme pressure as well as constant movement, a protective coating from Coating Systems will allow your support bushings to last much longer. Learn more about how Coating Systems can improve the performance of your rubber support bushings below.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

Support rubber bushings may be very small, but they have a very difficult job within brake calipers. Once your caliper support bushings wear down, you will often notice that your brake pedal feels much more “loose” and your break distance increases. With a proper coating from Coating Systems, you can increase the life of your support bushings greatly. With longer support bushing life, comes longer brake pad life and a more consistent brake feel.
Support bushings are not only found in your braking system. Many suspensions also require a molded rubber support bushing. Coating this little rubber piece before installation will extend the life of the bushing and allow your suspension system to continue to work at the designed capacity.

Why Apply Coating?

Anytime a molded rubber part is exposed to harsh environmental or physical elements it impacts the structural integrity of that piece. This includes exposure to corrosive materials, extreme temperatures, and regular physical wear and tear. However, by applying coating protection that is specifically designed to help protect from these elements — you provide protection that is not innate in rubber itself. For instance, an anti-corrosion coating, such as Xylan, protects these rubber parts from any number of corrosive liquids that exist within a vehicle.
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