Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe cut gaskets
At Coating Systems, Inc., we specialize in a number of coating services, including dip-spin coating, o-ring coating, custom applications, and more. Our services, which benefit a variety of industries, provide quality coating with a great turn-around time. One of our services is coating lathe cut gaskets. Here, we discuss some of the applications of lathe cut gaskets and how they can benefit your industry.

What Are Lathe Cut Gaskets?

Lathe cut gaskets are manufactured from a tube of rubber. During production, a mandrel is inserted into the tube and the rubber is cut while the mandrel is turned by a high-speed lathe machine. This technology allows you to make a strong seal that can maintain its shape under stress.

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If you need a static seal, this is probably one of the most effective options. Its cross-section, which can either be square or rectangular, provides a wider sealing surface than a set of molded o-rings. Additionally, it is highly resistant to wear and tear.

What are the Applications?

Lathe cut gaskets are ideal for static applications, but they have many other uses. When beveled edge gaskets or tight tolerance gaskets are required, the lathe cut is the way to go. In many cases where you may use an o-ring, this type of gasket can serve as an alternative. To see if lathe cutting is right for you, talk to a coating specialist at Coating Systems.

What Are the Advantages?

In comparison to o-rings, lathe cut gaskets offer many advantages. For static applications, the lathe cut gasket is just as effective, if not more effective, than an o-ring seal. Lathe cuts also have the ability to maintain their design and shape under continuous stress, which means they have a long sealing life. Generally, lathe cutting is also less expensive than some molded alternatives, making it a great economical option for large projects. With so many great advantages, it is easy to see why lathe cuts are becoming a popular option across many industries.

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