Coating Systems Explains Common Mistakes Made with Quad Seals

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In the arena of sealing, the o-ring has long been the most popular option. However, quad seals have emerged as an alternative to o-rings that are equal in quality and present several sealing advantages in certain applications. With that being said, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to quad seals, whether that mistake comes before installation, during installation, or after installation. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will look at three common mistakes made when using quad seals.

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1. Using Them In the Wrong Applications

While quad seals offer several advantages over o-rings, those advantages come in specific applications. So it’s important to evaluate your specific application and determine if a quad seal is the best option. For example, quad seals are a great alternative to o-rings in dynamic applications, but they might not be the best alternative in static applications. Each seal has its benefits, and it’s important to identify what those are before investing in either seal.

2. Not Lubricating

Without lubrication, any seal you use for your industrial machinery will fail. Coating your seals is very important, both for the life of the seal itself and the machine. Proper lubrication will protect your seals from friction and corrosion, especially in dynamic applications where friction is more intense. Without the proper lubrication, your seals will begin to crack and damage more quickly. When that happens, the seal becomes less effective, which can lead to your machinery being damaged.

3. Faulty Installation

A seal is only as good as its installation. If there is a faulty installation with a quad seal, it will not perform the way that it should and it can lead to a damaged machine. It’s important to carefully read the instructions for these seals, especially in dynamic applications, and seek out professional help if you aren’t sure how to properly install the seal.

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