Coating Systems Discusses O-Rings Facts

Stack of Black O-Rings

O-rings are everywhere. Without o-rings, we couldn’t drive, fly, or even use basic kitchen appliances. O-rings are ordinary in our everyday work at Coating Systems, but there are some incredible o-rings that amaze even the pros at Coating Systems!

Largest O-Rings

Coating Systems coats o-rings with dry film and lubricants so they seal properly, because no one wants a leaky o-ring seal. One of the largest o-rings is 8 feet in diameter, which is big enough to drive a full-size pickup truck through! These specialized o-rings seal large industrial machines that handle large volumes of liquids or compressed air. Dry film ensures the seal remains completely intact under high stress.

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Smallest O-Rings

The smallest o-ring in the world has an inside diameter of 0.2 millimeter (0.008 inch). This width is about the size of the smallest pencil leads in the world for doing extremely detailed and precise drawings. O-rings of this tiny size work well in medical applications, precision instruments, aerospace, and fiber optics. Coating Systems has a specialized dry film for these applications.

Wide Variety of Sizes for O-Rings

There are more than 8,000 different sizes of o-rings in the industry. Thanks to dry films and lubricants from Coating Systems, we can add colors to various o-rings for easy identification. Multiple colors come in handy for high-volume operations where speed is of the essence. Color coding also helps with quality control to ensure the correct o-rings are in the right places on your machines.

Materials for O-Rings

O-rings come in three basic materials, and all of them need some kind of sealant to make sure they work properly. Some kind of rubber, one of 36 types, is the most common material for o-rings. That’s because rubber is flexible and can change with various conditions, pressures, tolerances, and temperatures. Plastic and metal o-rings are also available. Coating Systems makes dry sealants and lubricants for all types of o-rings that have a wide range of applications.

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Growing Industry

The gaskets and seals industry was worth approximately $59.6 billion worldwide in 2017. The industry is expected to grow 5.2 percent annually until 2025, reaching a net worth of $89.7 billion by that point. O-rings and dry films from Coating Systems are a large part of that increasing demand, thanks to a growing manufacturing industry.

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