Coating Systems Explains Fluoropolymer Coating

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At Coating Systems we offer coatings services for direct food contact. In today’s blog, Coating Systems takes a look at fluoropolymer. Fluoropolymer resists corrosion, stands up to acids, and creates a non-stick surface. But what exactly is it? Coating Systems explains.

What is Fluoropolymer Coating?

Fluoropolymer is a polymer that is based in fluorocarbon and has strong carbon-fluoride bonds. Fluoropolymers are in high demand for use in industrial coatings because they possess some very desirable qualities. First, fluoropolymers have excellent non-stick properties, which is why they’re widely used in non-stick cookware. Fluoropolymers also reduce friction, resist corrosion, and withstand high temperatures. Furthermore, they are insulators and do not conduct electricity.

Food Industry

The application of fluoropolymer coatings to molds and trays aids in the production of bread, candy, cheese, and other products by preventing sticking and making molds and trays easy to clean.
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Airline Industry

Fluoropolymers coatings are applied to wiring insulation in airplanes. This application protects the wiring and reduces the risks of aircraft fires. The next time you’re flying across the country, you can rest assured your plane is protected by fluoropolymer coatings.

Industrial Settings

Printing and packaging factories use fluoropolymers to coat their ink trays, rolls, and frames. The coating helps moving parts to not stick to items that pass through, and also makes them easier to clean.

Automotive Industry

Fluoropolymer coatings help to prevent friction and corrosion on car parts. They are particularly useful in components like ball bearings and gears, which must withstand a great deal of wear and tear.
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