Coating Systems Looks at Why Busbars Need Coating

Copper Busbars

Busbars work as wonderful conductors and play an important role in the distribution of electricity. The pros at Coating Systems know that without proper coating, these important pieces of our electrical grid would not last as long as they should. At Coating systems we add a layer of powder coating onto busbars. In today’s blog, Coating Systems look at why busbars need coating.

Inhibit Corrosion

Copper is generally corrosion resistant, but in extreme environments with high humidity and rich in sulfur and ammonia, additional protection is needed.
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Increase Current Rating

It’s been suggested that matte black paint be applied to busbars to improve emissivity. The matte black coating emits heat better from the surface than most others. However, the difference is not overly impressive and can reduce the efficiency of the convection process.

Painting Can Cost

Finger marks or typical handling smudges may occur during assembly and manufacturing. The natural grease in the marks darkens quicker than the surrounding copper and can be seen as dirty. Some companies have no technical reason to paint busbars other than to hide marks. This can, in fact, hinder maintenance, increase working temperature, and cost extra.
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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great choice for insulating thick conductors, as well as conductors with multiple electrical contact points. It gives the ability to coat the busbar by almost “melting” paint over the surface. This provides a durable protective layer which not only protects against corrosion but carries good insulation ratings.
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