Uses of PTFE: Adhesives and Chemical Mixing

Pot Coated with PTFE

PTFE is a fluoropolymer commonly used as a nonstick coating for cookware in a consumer setting. For industrial applications, PTFE offers high operating temperatures and an extremely low coefficient of friction. It also has good abrasion and chemical resistance. Coating Systems explains how PTFE helps your facility when you have on-site adhesive or chemical mixing.

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Adhesive Tanks

Adhesives can be very messy and tricky to deal with. You have to keep them at the right temperature, or they might harden. You can’t dip your items in them for too long or too short a time. Otherwise, the adhesion is too great or not enough. When you’re done with an adhesive tank, you have to clean it out. Tanks lined with PTFE make clean-up easier. Adhesives don’t stick to the sides of the tank, nor do you find any residue left behind.

Glue Pots

Glue pots are designed to keep hot glue in a liquid format until you’re ready to use it. Glue pots also work for industrial processes where you dip something in them for a short time. Pots remain heated at an even temperature. However, when you’re done with the glue and ready to clean the pot, the glue might stick to the sides and be very hard to remove. PTFE coating on the inside of glue pots makes it much easier to clean the glue, even after it hardens. Easier clean-up saves staff time and effort, thereby making your industrial processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Chemical Mixing Systems

Chemical mixing systems use PTFE on impellers and propellers when your facility requires sanitary conditions. The pharmaceutical, biotech, food, and cosmetic industries all utilize chemical mixing systems. Parts covered in PTFE ensure the purity of your final products and maintain sanitary conditions along every portion of your process or assembly line. Pure products increase their efficacy and lead to happy customers.

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