Coating Systems Explains: What Are the Types of Dynamic Seals?

machine using dynamic seals lubricated by coating systems

In our previous blog, we discussed the types of static seals, both radial and axial, which can benefit from a proper application of a dry film lubricant. In today’s blog, Coating Systems takes a look at the different ways that dynamic seals can be used and how they can benefit from a dry film lubricant, applied by  skilled and experienced coating professionals such as those at Coating Systems.

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Coating Systems has been providing the auto, aerospace, offshore oil, and military industries with coating solutions to improve their processes for over 40 years. When it comes to something as seemingly simple as an o-ring, we know just how important it is for you to have o-rings that are well-coated with a proper material to ensure their installation and easiest identification. If you need coating solutions to last, let Coating Systems handle your dynamic seals. Read below to learn more about how coatings can help your various dynamic seals.

Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seal is the generic term which refers to any seal which is fitted between two mating surfaces that move. Unlike static seals which receive no relative motion but may experience high amounts of pressure, dynamic seals receive a lot of wear from a variety of different motions. These include: reciprocating, oscillating, and rotating. In much the same way that static seals are named for the directions from which they receive pressure, dynamic seals are identified by the types of motion occurring on their surfaces. As you can imagine, the need for a durable and well-applied dry film lubricant is extremely important for o-ring longevity in dynamic applications. Below, we’ll detail those three kinds of motion.

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Reciprocating motion occurs in applications where a piston is moving within a cylinder. Common examples of this occur in combustion engines and hydraulic applications.


Oscillating seals are the kind you might find in a faucet. A shaft fitted inside the o-ring will rotate around an axis a fixed number of degrees and then back again, causing oscillating force. In these applications, an o-ring and coating must be able to withstand those repeated, opposing forces.


Unlike oscillating seals which experience wear in two directions for a fixed number of degrees, rotating seals will experience wear in one direction. The primary concern with these applications is heat buildup from friction and expansion that may occur from the heat. A properly coated o-ring will be coated with something to lend better resistance to heat and cracking.

Coating Solutions From Coating Systems For Your Dynamic Seals

Let Coating Systems provide you with the coating solutions you need for your dynamic seals. With over 40 years of experience in presenting manufacturers from all manner of industries with reliable dry film lubricant coatings to their o-rings, we’ve proven time and time again that we set the bar for quality work. Get your free sample or contact us here.