Coating Systems Explains: What Are the Types of Static Seals?

O-rings to be coated by Coating Systems for dynamic seal application

Coating Systems has been helping manufacturers from all over improve the performance and lifespans of their static and dynamic seals for over 40 years. Over this time, we’ve been able to help manufacturers from many different industries, including the automotive, aerospace, food, and military defense industries. With this kind of experience, you know that your coating needs for static and dynamic seals are in great hands.

That being said, some of our clients wonder if we’ll be able to coat their o-rings for this or that application. The truth is that we love a challenge, and we’ll provide reliable o-ring coating solutions for your static seals, regardless of how they are applied. A well-applied dry film lubricant on your static seal will make installation and identification of the o-ring so much easier, saving you the hassle that can accompany mis-identification and the possible damage you can do to a seal that is not lubricated. Here we discuss the types of static seals and how a proper coating job is done at Coating Systems, Inc.

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Static Seal

This is the simplest of static seals. It is applied to a surface or fitted between surfaces with no motion relative to one another. Static seals can be categorized two ways, as either axial or radial dynamic seals. This categorization comes from the way that compression force is applied to the seal itself. Below, we’ll explain the differences.

Axial Static Seals

Axial seals receive compression from both of the mating surfaces. Because they may be under high amounts of pressure, they need a coating that won’t readily crack or flake. If you have a need for easily identifiable and easily-installed o-rings, give Coating Systems a call and let us help you out.

Radial Static Seals

Radial seals receive compression applied to their diameter. Imagine taking an o-ring and flattening it into an oval between two fingers. This is radial pressure. Radial static seals still receive no relative motion between their mating surfaces, but they still need a well-applied coating to help them fit into place and stay there. Coating Systems has a dry film lubricant that can do the job.

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Choose Coating Systems for Your Static Seals Coating Solutions

Few things are more frustrating than trying to apply a static seal only to have it tear while you’re fitting it on, or to find that you’ve grabbed the wrong size and you’ll have to fit another one on to properly handle the job. These errors may seem small, but they can become quite frustrating. Don’t let you or your employees fall victim to this simple hassle, let Coating Systems provide you with the coating solutions you need for your static seals.