Coating Systems Looks At How Quad Seals Are Different From O-Rings

Several O-Rings with rubber seals

Sealing solutions are increasingly important when it comes to heavy machinery and industrial equipment. However, there are a lot of different options and at times, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which option is best for your machines. Among the most popular are O-Rings and quad seals, which both are similar in many respects and often share the same purpose. They also have significant differences.

Specifically, these two types of seals differ in the contexts that they should be used. Not all machines should use O-Rings just like all machines shouldn’t use quad seals. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will look at the main differences between the two and when it is better to use quad seals.

What Are Quad Rings and O-Rings?

Both quad rings and O-Rings are used in heavy-duty machinery, usually to help with lubricant, compression, friction, or several other functions. However, they are different in their composition, design, and at times, in their function. Both of them are shaped as they are named. A quad seal is shaped like an x with four individual points. This gives the seal grooves.

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An O-Ring, on the other hand, is a ring that doesn’t have any grooves or edges. It is a donut-like ring that has a smooth surface compared to the grooved surface of a quad ring.

How Are The Two Different?

Because of their smooth surface, O-Rings can be used on virtually any sealing need. However, that doesn’t mean that they will outperform quad rings. In fact, quad seals have several advantages to O-Rings. One of which is the flash line, which is hidden on a quad ring instead of exposed, as it is on an O-Ring. The flash line is the excess material from the original compression mold. Because there are no grooves, that line is on the sealing surface of the O-Ring.

Another key difference is in lubrication retention. As noted previously, one of the key functions of any seal is its ability to retain and pump lubrication. With the shape of the O-Ring and the absence of grooves, it won’t retain lubricants as well as a quad seal.

Which One Is Better?

As always, this depends on context. What is your sealing need? What piece of machinery are you needing it for? O-Rings are more universal in ther application, but quad seals are better in their specific functions. Deciding which one you should utilize will always depend on what piece of machinery you are using it for.

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