Coating Systems Explains Lathe Cut Gaskets

Several lathe cut gaskets

There are few things more important to the functionality and sustainability of industrial equipment than sealing solutions. Sealing solutions keep debris out of your machinery and provide resistance to wear and tear. There are several different sealing solutions available, the most common being O-rings, but also quad seals, die cut gaskets, and for today’s discussion, lathe cut gaskets.
In today’s post, Coating Systems will help to explain what lathe cut gaskets are, how they differ from O-Rings and quad seals, and how they benefit your machinery. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your sealing solution.
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What Are Lathe Cut Gaskets?

Lathe cutting is a means to produce high-quality and more precise gaskets by putting a mandrel into a tube, rotating it at a high speed, and cutting out the dimensions with a knife.
These gaskets are believed by many to offer the most cost-effective performance and benefits. With static seals specifically, lathe cut gaskets are typically thought of as the best option. These gaskets have a square or rectangular cross-section, which allows for a much wider sealing surface.

How Are They Different Than O-Rings And Other Seals?

Again, the biggest difference between lathe cut gaskets and other gaskets or seals is the process by which they are made. That process allows for more precise measurements and dimensions, allowing for more customization and more specific sizes when needed. They also tend to be less expensive than O-Rings and quad seals, which makes them a more cost-effective choice when you have to order in large quantities.

Why Should I Choose Lathe Cut?

That depends on the context in which you are using the gasket. Again, if you are ordering a higher volume of gaskets, lathe cut is a great way to get the gaskets you need without breaking the bank. Lathe cut gaskets also give you more flexibility in shapes and sizes, making them more versatile for those who might need a non-traditional gasket. Ultimately, it comes down to what you need the gasket for and what you are sealing with it. Each type of gasket or seal has its own set of benefits and lathe cut is no different.
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