Coating Systems Explains the Importance of Radiation Protection in Power Plants (Part 1)

Coating Systems explains the risks of radiation.

At Coating Systems, we provide high-quality coating solutions for a variety of industries and applications. In this first of a two-part blog, we’ll discuss the importance of radiation protection in power plants, the specific dangers of industrial radiation, and how we can provide a viable solution for those seeking radiation protection to maintain safety standards.

The Dangers of Radiation

When radiation comes into contact with molecules in living cells, the cells can be damaged. If the radiation damages the DNA in a cell, it can become cancerous and cause all sorts of health problems.
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Different types and doses of radiation can cause varying levels of damage. When it comes to radioactive sources that are outside of the body, such as those that may be experienced in a power plant, alpha radiation is not as dangerous as it could be, as it is unlikely to reach the cells inside the body. On the other hand, beta and gamma radiation are still very dangerous, because they can penetrate the skin and damage the cells inside the body.
The proper coating systems in power plants may help reduce the likelihood of plant workers coming into contact with dangerous forms of radiation on a daily basis.

Sources of Radiation in Power Plants

Power plant operators have several considerations to make when reviewing their coating system options for plant parts. First and foremost, it’s important to understand the various sources of radiation from a power plant. Although this may depend on the design of the power plant itself, most often, radiation sources include the following:

  • The reactor
  • Systems related to the reactor
  • Radioactive waste
  • Waste handling systems
  • Spent fuel

As this may vary from power plant to power plant, it is essential to be aware of all radiation sources in a plant before investing in coating systems for a facility’s products and machinery.

Coating Systems Solutions for Power Plants

Naturally, as the safety of all power plant workers, operations management, and the public is of the utmost concern regarding the containment of radiation, it’s extremely important to select the proper materials and components for power plant coating systems. Materials should be corrosion-resistant, easy to decontaminate, and limit the spread of any radioactive materials that are released.
At Coating Systems, we can provide a custom solution that is well suited to the needs of your power plant. We have had tremendous success with Xylan coating, in particular, and we will most likely have a coating solution that works for you. Join us again in part to of our blog on the importance of radiation protection, where we discuss the industrial benefits of proper coating systems.