Coating Systems: Importance of Radiation Protection in Power Plants (Part 2)

Coating Systems and Power Plants

One significant use for coatings is in the nuclear power industry. The machines and systems in a power plant keep things running and provide large amounts of energy. A nuclear power plant can’t afford to have subpar coatings protecting their machines from corrosion and wear.

Nuclear power also involves heavy amounts of radiation, and improper or poor coatings could be dangerous. In part one of our blog about coatings in power plants, we considered the dangers of industrial radiation and how coating helps. In part 2 of this Coating Systems blog, we talk about why good coatings are important for nuclear power plant’s overall efficiency.

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Plant Efficiency

One thing that a nuclear power plant can’t sacrifice is efficiency. The energy produced at a power plant is relied upon by countless people. Residences and businesses alike, from small towns to large cities, need power plants to supply continuous, consistent power. Just one fault in a complex system can leave hundreds or thousands of people without power until it is fixed.
This means that all of the systems of a power plant need to be running smoothly. The levels of heat and radiation are both risk factors when it comes to the function of a power plant, as well as the safety we covered previously. Regular maintenance and proper care must be carried out in key parts of the plant to ensure proper function. With advanced, corrosion-resistant coatings, these systems and machines won’t need nearly as much maintenance, and they’ll be able to run better, longer. Not to mention that, with modern coating solutions, maintenance and related fixes can be done much more quickly and efficiently.

Hardy Coatings for Harsh Environments

A nuclear power plant is an especially harsh environment, so the coating solutions used need to be appropriate to match this intensity. Issues can cause the need for system shutdowns, something that a large power plant can’t afford. Not only that, but the kind of energy produced, and the materials used to produce it, at a nuclear plant can be extremely volatile. This presents a danger not just to those who work there, but populations in the surrounding area.

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Even something as simple as the right kind of coating on part of a larger system makes all the difference. At Coating Systems, Inc. we have coating solutions for every industry. Nuclear power plants can put their trust in us to provide them with the absolute best, high-quality coating solutions for their industry.

Multiple Energy Solutions

Nuclear power plants aren’t the only part of the energy industry we serve. Whether you’re looking for coatings for nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, or any other energy system, Coating Systems has a solution to meet your needs.

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