Common Applications for Xylan Coatings

Bolts and nuts with Xylan coating

While Xylan is one of the best options for O-rings coatings, its applications for other products and machinery are vast. Xylan coatings are incredible because they greatly reduce friction and they reduce and resist wear and corrosion. It’s one of the most effective fluoropolymer coatings available. But, what else are these coatings used for? Let’s take a look at some of those most common applications for Xylan coatings. Remember to trust Coatings Systems for all your O-ring coatings and other coating needs.

1. Non-Stick Cookware

Probably one of the most familiar uses for these particular coatings – and the most commercially available – is non-stick cookware. If you’ve ever seen one of those commercials where burnt food slides right out of the specially coated pan, that’s Xylan at work. The properties of this coating allow it to be the perfect solution for non-stick cookware products.

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2. Automotive Industry

One of the lesser-known uses for Xylan is a special sealant offered to buyers of new cars. When a thin coating is applied to a car’s paint, it creates a protective layer between the car and the elements. This makes the car look cleaner much longer, and make it much easier to clean when needed. It also helps to protect the car from corrosion.

3. Offshore Subsea Machinery

Due to the Xylan being highly resistant to chemical and corrosive elements, it’s perfect for machinery used in ocean environments. These offshore machines are constantly exposed to salt spray from the ocean, and are subject to extreme changes in weather. Also, if the machine is oil-related, it will be constantly affected by the chemical properties of the oil. Xylan is able to counter all these effects and help to greatly reduce the amount of corrosion that these elements cause. Being as these machines are high-quality and exceedingly expensive, they only trust the most effective coatings available. Xylan more than meets the specific criteria.

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