How to Care for Xylan Cookware

Pan with xylan coating

Among the industrial coatings offered by Coating Systems is Xylan. Xylan is a dry film lubricant which has many applications. It is often used for its durability because it can prevent or slow the likelihood for corrosion on whatever surface or material it is applied to.

Aside from corrosion prevention, Xylan also offers heat resistance, wear resistance, nonstick, and controlled friction properties. In industrial applications, Xylan is great for reducing breakaway torque. But Xylan is also commonly used as a coating for cookware. The thin film applied to the surfaces of cooking pans makes them reliably nonsticking. This reduces the amount of oil a person needs to use to coat their cookware, and it reduces the amount of cleaning necessary.

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As common as Xylan is as a coating for cooking pans, it does require care and maintenance as do all industrial coatings. This becomes especially important when you consider its proximity to the food you eat. For further information on caring for your xylan-coated cookware, read on.

Xylan Nonstick Coating Care

While Xylan is remarkably durable, withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and chemically resistant, it does need to be taken care of.

Despite its durability, it’s important to remember that, like a nonstick coating, Xylan is applied as a thin film. Many home cooks will use whatever utensils they may have lying around, but metal utensils such as forks and knives can easily compromise the thin Xylan layer. Stir your food with friendlier utensils, such as wooden spoons or rubber spatulas.

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Do not heat your xylan-coated cookware when it is empty. This will lead to faster overheating which can compromise the coating, not to mention that often this happens when someone forgets they’ve turned on the stovetop, yielding a volatilely hot pan that a person may not be immediately aware of.

To avoid overstressing the coating and the material of the cookware, allow the cookware to cool before submerging it in dishwater. Drastic changes in temperature such as those which occur when plunging a piping hot pan into significantly cooler dishwater can, over time, stress the material enough to damage it.

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In the event that you’ve burned food onto the surface of your pan that cannot be removed with soap and warm water alone, it is acceptable to use stronger cleaners and a soft scrubbing pad to remove them. Remember to re-season the surface with a small bit of oil afterward.

Xylan Coating at Coating Systems

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