How Rilsan is Utilized in the Oil and Gas Industry

Rilsan oil and gas

Machinery used in the oil and gas industry has to withstand enormous amounts of physical and chemical stress. To ensure their machinery does not buckle under pressure, the oil and gas industry turns to one of the most durable and dependable types of industrial coating: Rilsan.

At Coating Systems, we specialize in several types of industrial coating, including dip-spin coating, O-ring coating, and custom applications. We work extensively with the oil and gas industry and even coat equipment for offshore oil refineries. Here, we discuss some of the ways the industry utilizes Rilsan coating.

The Benefits of Rilsan

Rilsan offers many benefits for the oil and gas industry that other types of industrial coating do not offer. It is lightweight, flexible, and can withstand high and low temperatures and a great deal of physical stress. Typically, this type of coating is used in offshore oil refineries or in situations that require seismic acquisition cables.

Unlike other types of coating, Rilsan has high dimensional stability and is incredibly resistant to wear and tear caused by salt water. For parts that directly interact with seawater, this type of coating is the best. Rilsan can also withstand large amounts of pressure, which makes it ideal for choke and kill systems in refineries. This material’s durability means that it rarely needs replacing, giving oil and gas companies a high return on their investment.

Uses in the Oil and Gas Industry

Rilsan is used in a variety of offshore and onshore oil and gas applications. For offshore oil refineries, this material coats seismic acquisition systems, choke and kill lines, flowlines and risers, composite pipes, and other wires and cables. To prevent erosion, most parts that interact with the seawater use this type of coating.

Rilsan also has many onshore oil and gas applications. Typically, it is used to coat wires, cables, and pipes used in the transportation and distribution of gas. It is also used to line pipes at most gas stations.

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