Common Uses for Emralon O-Ring Coatings

o-rings with emralon coating

Emralon o-ring coatings are an attractive option for many different manufactured products. Not only are these coatings durable and good-looking with a professional, satiny finish, but they can also be used to meet a variety of demanding lubrication requirements for a number of applications. Coating Systems, Inc. offers a variety wide enough to accommodate most jobs. Be sure to speak with one of our professionals to find the best fit for your o-ring coating.

In this blog, we’ll review the main purposes of Emralon o-ring coatings as well as their most common uses and applications.

Main Purposes of Emralon O-Ring Coatings

Reducing Friction and Corrosion

Emralon o-ring coatings reduce wear and tear from friction and corrosion. This results in machinery and equipment that runs longer, has less damage to repair and requires less time spent dealing with process interruptions as a result of damage.

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Easier Identification

you manufacture o-rings for automobiles, rockets, engines or various common household goods, colored Emralon o-ring coatings can help you differentiate between different types of o-rings. These color-coded options assist in determining compounds such as silicone, nitrile or Viton (among many others) to streamline the manufacturing process and make it easy for you to visually identify what type of o-ring is being used.

Easier Installment

Emralon coatings minimize o-ring friction and make o-rings easier to fit during manual or automated manufacturing processes. This reduces the time spent fitting o-rings into products, and it increases the efficiency of production. Emralon coatings also keep o-rings from sticking to each other during the manufacturing process, which also contributes to increased efficiency and decreased time spent manufacturing products.

Common Applications for Emralon O-Ring Coatings

Emralon o-ring coatings are used in a variety of industries for a number of applications. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Filter systems
  • Snow shovels
  • Printing equipment
  • Window and drawer guides
  • Aerospace parts
  • Carburetor shafts
  • Wheels
  • Marine equipment

While these are just some of the most common applications for this type of coating, this is not by any means an exhaustive list. Our staff can provide additional details on our Emralon applications if you are interested in learning more.

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