Coating Systems Looks at Some Surprising Uses of O-Rings

O-Ring on White Background

Coating Systems, Inc. provides o-ring coatings for all situations. As small as they may be, o-rings are vital to industrial processes. They can create both static and dynamic seals that help keep the process running smoothly. However, o-rings aren’t just found in industrial settings. In today’s blog, the experts at Coating Systems take a look at some surprising uses of o-rings.

Dental Implants

Overdenture implants are a device that looks like real teeth and are implanted over existing dentures. These types of dentures have ball attachments that use biomedical silicone o-rings to keep liquid out of the implant.

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Tattoo Guns

When the bar that turns on the tattoo gun is pressed without a proper o-ring in place, the machine will rattle and make an inconsistent humming noise. Tattoo guns need o-rings to help minimize the vibration of the gun and assist in providing a steadier, smoother operation while applying a tattoo. This is an outcome highly favored by clients.

Paintball Guns, Tanks, and Kits

O-rings are used throughout paintball gun systems to seal off spaces and ensure that air doesn’t leak from the gun. Paintball o-rings are actually one of the simplest parts of the paintball kit, but when they break the game is over if a spare is not readily available. When cleaning a paintball gun, you should examine the o-ring.

Scuba Gear

Scuba divers know that checking the o-rings in their gear can save their lives. Most divers use them on a one-time basis or as part of rental equipment because exposure to salt water, oxygen, UV, and ozone can damage the o-ring and cause it to fail.

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Coating Systems Knows O-rings

Coating Systems, Inc provides o-ring coatings for all situations. Common dry film lubricants used at Coating Systems are Xylan, Emralon, MOLYKOTE®, and TM001. These coatings make it possible to color-code your o-rings for easy identification. If you have questions about how we can help you, contact our coating experts today.