The Difference Between Lathe Cut Gaskets and Molded Alternatives

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Finding the right gaskets is essential to most industrial applications when it comes to sealing your machinery. Without the right gasket, it will be impossible to seal off your machinery and keep liquid and debris out. One of the most common and most efficient gaskets on the market today is the lathe cut gasket. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will look at the difference between lathe cut gaskets and some of the molded alternatives.  

What are Lathe Cut Gaskets?

Lathe cut gaskets are made from a tube of rubber, cut when a mandrel is inserted into the tube using a lathe cut technique. These gaskets are very high quality and come in custom sizes and specifications to fit whatever application you may require. These gaskets are the ideal choice for static applications where there aren’t moving parts, and they offer a larger sealing surface than other alternatives.

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Similarly, lathe cut gaskets are ideal in applications that require gaskets with a beveled edge. These gaskets are as cost-effective as they come, giving customers the most bang for their buck compared to other options.  

How Do They Compare to Molded Alternatives?

The thing that makes lathe cut gaskets unique from other gaskets, specifically molded alternatives, is the way they are cut. There are other characteristics that make lathe cut gaskets unique, but the cut is the most defining aspect of the gasket. The alternative to these gaskets, whether lathe cut or some other technique, is a molded alternative. These molded alternatives are often more expensive, however, the design and mold are often more complex than cutting. Similarly, molded gaskets often require more maintenance than your typical cut gasket. There are also benefits to molded alternatives, but when it comes to cost-effectiveness, molded options are rarely comparable to lathe cut gaskets.

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