ETFE for Construction

ETFE and construction projects.

Developing expertise for over 40 years, Coating Systems, Inc has amassed a deep knowledge of different types of industrial coatings and related materials, along with what they are best suited for. We offer a wealth of solutions for industrial applications, including ETFE, Tm001, Emralon, and other options, along with services such as spin coating and sandblasting. We can recommend the right coating solution for you.

For example, are you currently undertaking a construction project? ETFE is one of the best choices for strong, durable and lasting construction. In this blog entry, we take a look at how and why using ETFE offers so many benefits.

Light ETFE Membranes

Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene is a plastic polymer that is typically created as a very thin film. This has become a beneficial factor in construction, especially of larger modern and more unusual constructions (such as biodomes or indoor garden centers and wildlife centers).

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The reason for this is that it can make a great alternative to glass windows or domes. Weighing only a fraction of glass reduces the load and improves the adaptability of a structure.

More Creative Design Options

Not only is ETFE film commonly used as a lighter alternative to glass for larger domes and constructions because of its reduced weight, but it also offers a greater range of possibilities for creative design. The film is highly translucent, letting in plenty of light – which is especially useful for use in wildlife or garden centers.

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This also means that structures can be fitted with LED lights to create a specific ambiance or color palette for a building or location. Some more complex ETFE-based structures have even been designed with patterns and lighting, creating amazing lighting displays.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

For those who are looking for a more eco-friendly solution in construction, Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene is one of the best materials available. It is fully recyclable and requires very little effort, energy, or cost to transport in most situations.

Already, this material has met large contributions in moving the construction industry towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. In future, it looks like that more construction projects will use this material for a variety of reasons, particular as innovations and improvements continue to be made on top of standard use. Strengthening the film and making it better suited for more intensive environments and uses are continually being fine-tuned, along with improving insulation properties.

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