Why FEP Coating is Beneficial for Your Kitchen

Non-stick pan cooking an egg

When it comes to coating solutions, many people tend to focus on industrial applications. However, there are many items in your home that utilize coating solutions. For example, many items you use every day in your kitchen require advanced coating solutions. We often see coating solutions utilized in kitchen items and appliances, most commonly with fluorinated ethylene propylene, or FEP. Today, Coating Systems is going to take a look at how a coating like FEP is beneficial in your kitchen.

What is FEP?

FEP is short for fluorinated ethylene propylene and is a chemical copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene. This polymer is known for its chemical, temperature, and friction-resisting properties, and is comparable to polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It provides applications with friction-resistance and is able to endure extreme temperatures.

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Compared with other similar coatings, few provide the combination of friction-resistance and resistance to extreme temperatures that FEP does.

How is FEP Used in Your Kitchen?

The friction-resistance properties, as well as the ability for FEP to endure extreme temperatures, makes it the ideal coating solution for kitchen applications. Your kitchen cabinets are likely full of pots and pans, and FEP is a common coating used to help make those pans non-stick. Similarly, FEP coatings like Teflon work well in baking applications, because they are cured at 650 degrees.
If you have food processing equipment in your home, it is likely that those items utilize the benefits of FEP coating. Food preparation involves many different textures and temperatures — which are often abrasive and high-heat — so having the proper coating solution for kitchen equipment is important.

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