Halar Coating: What Is It Exactly?

Ball bearing that uses halar coating

Halar coating is a coating that is used on a multitude of products, many of which are products that we use every day such as bearings, wire, and cable. However, not many people actually know what the coating is and what it is designed to do. There are several different properties that Halar possesses that makes it effective and even optimal for industrial coating.

Coating Systems partners with major coatings manufacturers to bring you the best in industrial coating solutions, including Halar. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems wants to look at a few key functions of the coating and what makes it effective.

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What Is Halar?

Halar is a type of plastic. It is otherwise known as ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE). ECTFE is a type of plastic that is semi-crystalline and melt-processable, which makes it extra useful in an industrial context. It also has several properties that make it more valuable. Some of those properties are:

  • Temperature resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High-impact strength
  • Resistant to Solvents
  • High electrical resistivity

These qualities make ECTFE an ideal coating for industrial needs.

What Does Halar Do?

Due to the properties discussed above, Halar is most commonly used as an industrial coating. Its temperature resistance and high-impact strength make it an ideal coating for products and machinery that might be exposed to higher volumes of friction or heat as well as extremely cold temperatures. As mentioned before, ECTFE is most commonly used in bearings, wire, and cable, but is most notably used in exhaust duct systems, fluid handling systems, and waste disposal.

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Is ECTFE Right For Your Company?

That all depends on what your project is and what machinery you need to complete that project. Most of us use ECTFE unknowingly every day through bearings, cables, and wire. However, the biggest need for Halar is at an industrial level and is very rarely needed for do-it-yourself projects. For projects that generate a lot of friction and impact, Halar might be the best option.

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