Is Halar a Good Option for Parts Washing?

Parts washing basket

There are many important steps and processes to consider when looking at manufacturing and industrial operations. However, among the most important are the processes that keep your pieces and parts clean and functioning. Without the right maintenance and preparation, your parts will quickly fail. Without the right parts, your machinery will be rendered useless. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems is going to take a look at washing your parts and whether Halar is a good option for that process.

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What Is Parts Washing?

The parts washing process is pretty self-explanatory. To keep your parts functioning at a high level, you need to keep them clean, especially when it comes to industrial applications. With gaskets and seals, debris that goes unchecked can compromise the seal, damage the part, and enter into the machine causing malfunction or breakdown. Similarly, failing to clean your parts can damage coating applications, which is one of the reasons why Halar coating is a popular choice when looking to wash parts.
At the end of the day, washing your parts is in your best interest because it will keep your parts from failing and extend the life of the parts and the entire machine.

How Can You Wash Your Parts?

There are many different ways to clean your parts using Halar, but the process is often very similar. Parts are most often cleaned in baskets, and depending on the size of the part, those baskets will vary in size. In tougher environments, parts will often require industrialized cleaning solutions rather than just a quick rinse with water. That also means that the cleaning process can be more rigorous than other cleaning processes, which makes coating the washing baskets almost as important as coating the parts.
Using plastic compounds and coating solutions for your part washing baskets will help to protect your delicate parts during the cleaning process.

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Is Halar the Best Option?

When coating your baskets for part washing, you want to find a coating that will protect your basket as well as protect the parts in it. There are several different options, but Teflon and Halar are the two most common. There are benefits to Teflon, including corrosion resistance, but there are also drawbacks. For starters, Teflon is a very thin coating which reduces its strength in high-stress applications, such as cleaning. It is also more expensive than other coatings.
Halar, on the other hand, provides excellent chemical resistance and is thicker than Teflon, making it ideal for parts washing.

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