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Henkel / Acheson Colloids: Emralon, Bonderite and Molydag

Pur­chased by Henkel in recent years, the Ache­son Col­loids line of coat­ings con­tin­ues to be used by Coating Systems, Inc. When dry film lubri­ca­tion is required for anti-seize, anti-gulling/wear, cor­ro­sion pre­ven­tion, and improved part longevity and per­for­mance is desired, Coating Systems is always set up and ready to offer the Ache­son line of coat­ing sys­tems. Henkel also pro­vides CSI with coat­ings for RFI and EMI shielding. Our inventory consists of Emralon, Bonderite, and Molydag products.



Emralon 310 –

Product Description
Emralon 310 is one of a series of Acheson resin-bonded lubricant coatings formulated to provide dry film lubrication in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Emralon 310 is a two-package product which should be combined with Emralon T-A Component (for properties: see Product data sheet of this product). When mixed, it is a dispersion of fluorocarbon in a thermosetting binder, designed to be applied by spray. It produces a low friction coating free of stick-slip characteristics. The product is recommended for metal and rubber substrates. For wood and plastics, specially designed types of Emralon exist.
Product Specifications
TYPICAL PROPERTIES (of wet product) Pigment : Binder : Solids content : Color : Flashpoint : Density : Theoretical Coverage : Shelf Life : none thermosetting resin 10-11% blue 8°C 910 kg/m³ 7.7 m²/kg 10 μm 18 months from date of qualification under original seal
TYPICAL PROPERTIES (as cured) Color: Coefficient of friction (static and kinetic) : Max. service temperature : Chemical resistance : green 0.05 - 0.07 continuous 150°C; intermittent 160°C resistant to oils, alcohols, ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, dilute acids, esters and aromatic hydrocarbons, gasohol.


Bonderite –

Product Description
Product Description: Henkel’s BONDERITE is the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions that creates competitive advantage across the industrial manufacturing marketplace. Trusted for reliability, sustainability, & proven results, BONDERITE processes deliver superior cost-in-use and operational efficiency through a broad portfolio of surface technology products.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Spray
Key Characteristics: Concentrated, Chrome Free
Mix Ratio: 3 to 15% per 100 gals. water
Physical Form: Liquid
Substrates: Metal Aluminum, Metal: Steel, Metal: Ferrous, Metal: Zinc


Emralon TM-001 –

Product Description
Product Description: Emralon® TM-001A is one of a series of Acheson resin-bonded coatings designed to provide dry film lubrication and release in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. A flexible, water-based coating specially designed for flexible substrates, Emralon® TM-001A is a resinbonded PTFE lubricant that prevents binding, seizing, sticking, and tearing of rubber and plastic parts during production and assembly. Emralon® TM-001A provides a clean dry film that protects substrates from oil, alcohol, gasoline, some inorganic acids, abrasive substances, dirt, and contaminants for longer wear life and reduced maintenance. Emralon® TM-001A is an ideal low-friction coating for substrates where operational flexibility is a major consideration. Emralon® TM-001A can easily be tinted with a variety of color pigments for easy identification of parts.
Product Specifications
Color: Translucent
Pigment: PTFE
Binder: Thermoset
Carrier: Water
Diluent: Water
Consistency: Liquid
Viscosity: 35 mPa-s
Density: 1.07 kg/l (8.9 lb/gal)
Solids content by weight: 20%
Flash point: None, contains water
VOC: 41.0 g/l (0.30 lb/gal)
Theoretical Coverage: 4.94 m2 /kg @ 25μm (215 ft2 /gal) @ 1 mil) dry film thickness


Emralon GP1904 –

Product Description
Product Description: Emralon GP-1904 is a dispersion of PTFE and graphite in a thermosetting binder designed to be applied by spray, brush, or dip. Emralon GP-1904 produces a low friction coating with excellent resistance to corrosion and solvents. The wide range of cure temperatures 149° to 260°C (300° to 500°F) allows Emralon GP-1904 to be used on wood, rubber and many plastics and on engineering metals. Emralon GP-1904 is aonepackage product and is not affected by low temperature storage conditions.
Product Specifications
Color : Black
Pigment : PTFE and graphite
Binder : Thermoset
Carrier : MEK or Acheson SB-2 solvent
Diluent : MEK or Acheson SB-2 solvent
Consistency : Liquid
Viscosity: 100 mPa
Density: 0.96 kg/l (8.0 lb/gal)
Solids content by weight: 25%
Flash point: 8°C (46°F)
VOC: 720.0 g/l (6.0 lb/gal)
Theoretical coverage: 6.81 m2/kg @ 25 μm (266 ft2/gal @ 1mil) dry film thickness


Emralon 330 –

Product Description
Product Description: A coating of Emralon 330 offers clean, dry, long lasting, solvent resistant lubrication for sliding, rubbing or rolling surfaces. Emralon 330 is a resin-bonded PTFE lubricant supplied as one component in ready-for-use form. Its low temperature cure of 150°C (300°F) does not affect heat-sensitive substrates such as light metals, wood, rubber and some plastics. The extremely thin coating of Emralon 330 necessary to achieve maximum lubrication (from 0.0003 to 0.0007 inch, or 0.008 to 0.018 millimeter) allows post-treatment of parts while maintaining original part dimensions without redesign. In many cases, an Emralon 330 coating can replace metal plating or finishing and offers improved performance at lower cost.
Product Specifications
Color: Light Blue
Pigment: PTFE
Binder: Thermoset
Carrier: MEK or Acheson SB-2 solvent
Diluent: MEK or Acheson SB-2 solvent
Consistency: Liquid
Viscosity: 60 – 150 mPa-s
Density: 0.96 kg/l (8.90 lb/gal)
Solids content by weight: ~ 25%
Flash point: 10°C (50°F)
VOC: 715.0 g/l (6.0 lb/gal)
Theoretical coverage:6.81 m2 /kg @ 25 μm (266 ft2 /gal @ 1 mil) dry film thickness


Emralon 333 –

Product Description
Emralon 333 is a blend of fluorocarbon lubricants in an organic resin binder and solvent system designed for applications beyond the scope of conventional fluorocarbon coatings. Its low coefficient of friction, hardness, adhesion, resiliency, and cure conditions allow application of Emralon 333 in a multitude of places where pure sintered PTFE coatings are unsuitable. Coatings of Emralon 333 wear longer than pure PTFE, offer superior chemical resistance (see data below), and can be repaired without removing the existing coating. Emralon 333 combines the toughness of the support resin with the surface properties of pure PTFE.
Product Specifications
Color: Black
Pigment: Blend of Flurocarbons
Binder: Thermoset
Carrier:Acheson SB-3 solvent
Diluent: Acheson SB-3 solvent
Consistency: Liquid
Viscosity: 150 – 120 mPa-s
Density: 1.13 kg/l (9.4 lb/gal)
Solids content by weight: ~ 28%
Flash Point: 57°C (135°F)
VOC: 808.0 g/l (6.75 lb/gal)
Theoretical Coverage: 6.54 m2 /kg @ 25μm (300 ft2 /gal @ 1 mil) dry film thickness


Emralon 334 –

Product Description
Emralon® 334 is one of a series of Acheson™ resin bonded lubricant coatings designed to provide dry film lubrication and release properties in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Emralon® 334 consists of a fluoropolymer lubricant dispersed in an organic resin and solvent system. Its superior physical properties, 500°F (260°C) service temperature capabilities, and excellent salt spray resistance make it particularly suitable for the lubricant coating of automotive components. This coating’s low coefficients of static and dynamic friction offer significant advantages for carburetor parts; where elimination of stick-slip motion is a major factor in achieving good fuel economy.
Product Specifications
Lubricant: Fluoropolymer
Binder: Polyamide-Imide Resin
Consistency: Liquid
Density: 9.4 lb/gal (1.128 kg/l)
Color: Black
Diluent: Acheson SB-3 solvent
Flash Point: 130°F (54°C)
Theoretical Coverage: 300 sqft/gal @ 0.001 inch (7.4 sq meters/liter @ 25.4 μm)
Solids content by Weight: 30%
VOC: 6.6 lb/gal (790 g/l)


Molydag 254 –

Product Description
Molydag® 254N is one of a series of Henkel’s Acheson resin-bonded lubricant coatings designed to provide dry film lubrication in a variety of industrial, consumer and military applications. Molydag® 254N is a synergistic combination of MoS2 and other lubricants dispersed in an epoxy resin solution. Molydag® 254N can be applied by standard brush, dip-spin, or spray techniques. Molydag® 254N provides lifetime lubrication and good corrosion resistance for components which are inaccessible after assembly, but nevertheless must continue to function reliably. Molydag® 254N provides an effective performance, even as a very thin film (0.0003 inch or 8 microns), thus there is little interference with operating tolerances.
Product Specifications
Lubricant: Molybdenum Disulfide and Other Lubricating Solids
Color: Dark Gray
Consistency: Liquid
Binder: Epoxy Resin
Density: 11.2 lb/gal (1.34 kg/l)
Flash Point: 24qF (-4qC)
VOC (dehydrated): 5.0 lb/gal (594 g/l)

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