Quad Seals vs. O-Ring Seals

Assortment of O-rings and quad seals

Comparing Advantages of Quad Seals vs. O-Ring Seals

As a leader in providing O-ring coatings to businesses across a broad range of industries, we at Coating Systems have written extensively about the functions and benefits of O-rings. However, O-rings are not the only rubber seal that industrial services use that can benefit from a coating application. Another common rubber seal that is gaining traction in the industrial world is the quad seal. Quad seals are cross-sectioned rubber seals that offer some benefits to industrial machinery that O-rings lack. Today, Coating Systems will discuss quad seals and compare them with your standard O-ring to give you an idea which seal may be a better fit for your needs.
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What is a Quad Seal?

A quad seal, also known as an X-ring, is a four-lobed rubber seal that is designed to reduce spiral failure in rotary applications. O-rings are at risk of bunching up in rotating industrial applications, and bunching and spinning are some of the main causes of ring failure. The quad seal was designed with double sealing surfaces which reduce friction and rotational damage. The double-seal action requires less force to maintain an effective seal. This reduction in force means less friction and improved seal life. Quad seal rings can often be retrofitted into existing O-ring grooves.

Why Use O-Rings At All?

While quad rings often exhibit the ability to prevent spiral tears, for the vast majority of industrial needs, an O-ring with the proper coating application works perfectly fine. Quad seals are generally around four times more expensive than your standard O-ring. If your machinery or industrial needs do not require rotation-safe rings and are used mainly for sealing surface gaps, an O-ring with a coating application should be safe for your needs at a much lower price point.
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Why Get Rubber Seals Coated?

A coating application gives your rubber seal an advanced ability to resist chemical and temperature factors that can damage and corrode a rubber seal. Custom color applications help with identification during the manufacturing process to ensure the right seal is used for the right job. If you want to ensure your O-ring or quad seal lasts as long as possible, contact Coating Systems today.

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