Common Mistakes to Avoid With Xylan

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Xylan coatings provide a variety of benefits, from high adhesion ability to friction and heat resistance. These benefits are things that you should be looking for to protect your industrial machinery from wear and tear. However, it’s important to avoid mistakes in the coating process or else those benefits won’t be seen in your applications. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will take a look at a few common mistakes to avoid when using Xylan.

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1. Over-Coating

This is not unique to coating solutions. When it comes to things like airing up tires or even painting your home, the default strategy is to use more of something, not less. With tires, people will over-inflate more than they will under-inflate. The same goes for painting, and for our purposes, coating. Applying too much Xylan to whatever surface you are coating can cause the coating itself to underperform, specifically with a coating like Xylan. The film created by Xylan is very thin, so applying too much can defeat the purpose of the coating itself.

2. Cracking

When it comes to any coating solution, whether it be industrial, commercial, or residential, cracking will always be a problem. Cracking can be caused by many factors, including applying too much coating, as we discussed earlier. However, the biggest cause of cracking is stress. All industrial machinery is exposed to stress, and many work applications put machinery in extreme high-stress environments. The thicker the coating, the more likely it is to crack under stress, so it is vital to coat your surfaces correctly.

3. Misapplying

Arguably the most common mistake seen when it comes to Xylan coating is a misapplication. What we mean by misapplication is applying the wrong type of coating to your surface. As noted earlier, Xylan is a very thin film coating, which makes it beneficial for the right surface, but not all surfaces. If your equipment is functioning with little room to operate, especially in rotary functions, Xylan could be the perfect solution, but not all surfaces are in that boat.

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