A Look at Powder Coating and Outdoor Products

Powder Coating Color Samples

If you need a high-quality, durable finish, powder coating may be the perfect solution for you. Powder materials can be applied to a variety of metals, or anything that can hold an electrostatic charge. This makes powder coating particularly effective for outdoor products. In today’s blog, the experts at Powder Coating Systems take a closer look at some outdoor products that benefit from powder coating.

Farm Equipment

Tractors and agricultural equipment experience hard daily use and they are often left outdoors. While these products are designed to withstand such conditions, their paint jobs are not. To protect their colors from the elements, the equipment is usually powder coated, providing a durable finish that will last for years in even the harshest of conditions.

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Sports Equipment

From golf clubs and ski poles to bicycles and basketball hoops, outdoor sports put the equipment to the test. Rain or shine, powder coating provides a quality finish that can stand up to hard use and nasty weather.

Outdoor Furniture

Everything, from playground and park equipment to lawn chairs, uses powder coating. The finish provides an aesthetically pleasing look and helps to protect the equipment from corrosion, no matter how many years the equipment spends in the blazing sun and unforgiving cold.


Signs are crucial to public spaces, providing directions and instructions for automotive and pedestrian traffic and promoting businesses. A worn-out or faded sign can cause confusion, lead to lost travelers, and even cause traffic accidents. To help avoid this, many signs are finished or primed with powder coating to increase their lifespan.

Windows and Doors

Extruded aluminum door and window frames and doorknobs are commonly finished with powder coatings. The finish helps protect the materials from harsh weather conditions, but it also helps maintain colors and finishes no matter how many hands touch them or how many storms they endure.

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Building Facades

Industrial buildings and modern structures often feature metal components or facades, facing weather conditions from rain and snow to unforgiving heat. Most paints will crack, peel or otherwise degrade under severe conditions, but not powder coatings. For a quality color that stands the test of time, architects working with metal facades often turn to powder coating.

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